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PLC Modernization

02/2014 Every one of you in the business of automation and manufacturing information technology, has been faced with the need to modernize the technology that your company uses to manufacture. As technology reaches obsolescence, the supportability becomes more complex to sustain. In the world of automation controllers, vendors support their automation platforms for decades –

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Don February 14 ,2017

Customer Service is not Dead

When I started R.O.Why, my whole vision was (and is) to find ways to contribute to my customers’ success – surround myself with like-minded employees and affiliate R.O.Why with companies and rep firms that share my vision.  Whenever I talk about it, people get excited, you can see it in their face.  This kind of

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Don January 17 ,2017

42Q and Toward Zero Forge Strategic Partnership

Partnership Enables Rapid Deployment of Advanced Manufacturing Systems SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 5, 2017 — 42Q, a leading provider of cloud manufacturing execution systems (MES), today announced a reseller and integration partnership with Toward Zero. Toward Zero helps companies deploy technology for manufacturing and business transformation. Together, 42Q and Toward Zero will enable discrete manufacturers to implement

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Aaron January 11 ,2017

Large Controls upgrade projects don’t have to be high risk to be high reward.

Large Controls upgrade projects don’t have to be high risk to be high reward. Case Study: CNC Retrofit – 140 axes in 80 days An automaker manufacturing transmissions in North America, uses dial machines to drill and mill pump and reaction shaft supports. The machines were well maintained mechanically, and still very process capable; however

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Don December 31 ,2016

Goals of Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Goals of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) OEE is a proven metric used in manufacturing to achieve three goals: 1.  Benchmark 2.  Improve 3.  Maintain improvementsSince OEE is used in very different and unique manufacturing processes, understanding how OEE is used in each process is critical to achieving these goals. Asset or Work Unit OEE Measuring OEE on a

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Don December 09 ,2016

Arch, Inc. and ROWhy Company Announce Toward Zero Co.

November 11th, 2016, Denver, CO and Indianapolis, IN – Arch, Inc. and ROWhy Company today announced the formation of Toward Zero Co.  With the combined resources of Arch and ROWhy, Toward Zero Co., is ideally positioned to help move customers toward zero waste and tangible profit growth through integration of business and manufacturing systems with

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Aaron November 21 ,2016

An unexpected move Toward Zero™

Last year, a tier 1 automotive supplier moved Toward Zero™ unplanned downtime by implementing a system to monitor machine tool performance. The results were surprising. By collecting 9 months of data from their equipment and looking thoroughly at downtime events, including the conditions that lead up to them, this company was able to create watchdogs

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Don November 04 ,2016

Ingredients of Giveaway Reduction

The Challenge: A food ingredient company in the Midwest was losing product in there manufacturing process, but couldn’t see where the product was going. Determining the cause, using Data: Moving Toward Zero unplanned waste, the ingredient company selected one line to collect data from and deployed a system that collected and analyzed data from the control system and measuring devices.

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Don October 25 ,2016

Pumping the data

The Challenge: An automotive transmission pump manufacturer was experiencing frequent micro-downtime events with an unknown cause.  The machine tool would would stop producing with no clear indication why.  Operators required technicians to reset and restart the equipment and it’s peripherals and after a few hours, experienced the same situation…reset, restart. This cost operators about 1 hour

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Don October 24 ,2016

SaSo Pepper uses Toward Zero™ to meet demand

Press Release For Immediate Release Centennial, Colorado, June 2nd, 2016 – SaSo Pepper Co. is using Toward Zero to meet increasing demand for Pepper Sauce. “Toward Zero has helped us identify gaps in our supply chain and improve our operations to meet growing demand”, said Justin Chentnik, Director of Operations at SaSo Pepper Co. Toward Zero

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Aaron June 02 ,2016

Arch and the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association announce partnership to drive innovation and further strengthen Colorado’s manufacturing ecosystem

Press Release For Immediate Release Centennial, Colorado, May 26th, 2016 – Arch Inc., a leading provider of value add manufacturing services, today announced it has been selected as a vendor partner by the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association (CAMA) to drive innovation and collaboration in the manufacturing alliance through its Toward ZeroTM program. “CAMA exists to

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Aaron May 26 ,2016

Arch IoT leadership recognized by Kepware

Arch has been recognized for it’s Internet of Things (IoT) leadership by being named a Kepware Silver System Integrator. Kepware has long been a leader at connecting real time industrial systems with industrial software systems to enable operations management, analytics and other IoT applications.  Arch employees have been connecting industrial systems using Kepware and OPC

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Aaron May 01 ,2016

How we started

In 1990, my father, Gene Rahrig, left the corporate world to begin a new business providing professional services to the manufacturing sector, primarily focused on machine tool and automation equipment maintenance and troubleshooting. Dad already had quite a reputation in the field – his first customers were beating down the door before the ink dried

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Don September 18 ,2013

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