Ingredients of Giveaway Reduction

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Ingredients of Giveaway Reduction

The Challenge:

A food ingredient company in the Midwest was losing product in there manufacturing process, but couldn’t see where the product was going.

Determining the cause, using Data:

Moving Toward Zero unplanned waste, the ingredient company selected one line to collect data from and deployed a system that collected and analyzed data from the control system and measuring devices. They discovered that variation in the auger speed during the filling process was causing them to giveaway product resulting in about 8% loss of yield.

The Savings:

Reducing giveaway by 1% equates to $50K/yr savings for this manufacturer, and their estimated total savings will pay for systems to collect data from all their critical equipment, and to make the estimated improvements to reduce overall giveaway.

The Watchdog:

By controlling the auger speed and monitoring its load during use will allow the system to alert operators if anything outside of specified parameters should occur.