Change Acceleration

Your people are a critical part of your organization.  Having the right culture surrounding your people is critical to reducing waste.  A Group Think culture can stifle innovation, and create an organization that is too rigid to compete in today’s dynamic business environment.  A culture that is too innovative can remove focus from what is important and create huge amounts of waste.  A culture that is too competitive can hurt teamwork and decrease productivity.

What is the right culture for your business?

Toward Zero™ incorporates culture change management into every aspect of the process.  The Enterprise Manufacturing Assessment stresses feedback from every job type and level to ensure engagement.  When looking at how manufacturing capabilities align with business goals, culture is one of the three key items addressed along with process and technology.  Execution of an Alignment Plan will fail without the right culture in place.


Change Acceleration

We call our Change Management program Change Acceleration for a reason.  We help you focus on cultural change that drives real cost savings.  It is well known that installing a new IT or IS System without the right culture in place won’t drive improvement in an organization.  Like an OEE system without a Continuous Improvement Program, an Alignment Plan without change management will ultimately result in unfulfilled potential.