Pumping the data

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Pumping the data

The Challenge:

An automotive transmission pump manufacturer was experiencing frequent micro-downtime events with an unknown cause.  The machine tool would would stop producing with no clear indication why.  Operators required technicians to reset and restart the equipment and it’s peripherals and after a few hours, experienced the same situation…reset, restart. This cost operators about 1 hour per shift. The plant runs 24 hours a day, 6 days per week.

Determining the cause, using Data:

Moving Toward Zero unplanned downtime, the Automaker deployed a system that collected and analyzed data from the control systems in use on this machine tool. Ultimately, the system led technicians to a broken wire in the operator pendant.

The Savings:

Recovering 3 hours a day of production time every day, not to mention the labor of technicians and engineering staff working to keep the equipment producing, means BIG $$avings  Anecdotally, the customer uses about $5K/hr.

The Watchdog:

Replacing the wire fixed the problem, and technicians put a watchdog in place to monitor conditions, and alert them if a similar event occurs in the future.