Enterprise Manufacturing Assessment

Holistic Assessment

It is important to look at the cause and effect on an entire organization when creating an Alignment Plan.

For example, improving efficiency in a production area may be an important activity.  However, if Operations implements efficiency improvements at the same time as the Supply Chain group is leaning out inventory, the result can be starving the production area.

Toward Zero’s proven Assessment process builds consensus in an organization, resulting in a unified team approach toward change acceleration and continuous improvement.

Our Team

Arch’s Toward Zero team consists of experts in over 20 manufacturing industries, leadership in industry standards, and proven experience.  Our team doesn’t just help align your organization.  We don’t just build consensus.  We participate in the plan to drive profit growth.  We aren’t a bunch of consultants who state the obvious.  We accelerate your innovation with real hands on experience with both change management and continuous improvement.