Manufacturing Execution Systems/Ops Management

Craving manufacturing intelligence?

Manufacturers like you are under more pressure today than ever before. Agility is essential. Today you are not only expected to make things faster, better, and cheaper, but also with special requirements and custom specifications. Managing operations with visibility to what is happening now is not enough…you must be able to predict what will happen with your equipment, material, and people — and how that affects your bottom line. We can help.

Strategic help with:

Financial Gains Operational Excellence Risk mitigation
Brand protection Continuous Improvement Predictive product quality
Increased net earnings Better equipment efficiency Finite capacity scheduling
Reduced COGS WIP visibility/reduction Downtime tracking
Deferred CapEx Increased asset utilization Predictive maintenance analytics

Developing trust

We help people like you who are exploring Manufacturing Execution Systems (also called Manufacturing Operations Management). Some of our clients were looking to replace existing systems, others seek to step into a realm they new little about, with the faith that these systems would help them drive down costs and increase productivity and profitability. Whether you consider yourself MES savvy, or novice, you have come to the right place. We refer to  ISA-95 as a means to normalize terminology with our customers so that we are speaking the same language, and we leverage the standard as a guideline of best practices for developing requirements and Enterprise-Control System design.

If you have already chosen a software vendor, maximize your investment by choosing an implementation partner who can help you realize benefits quickly.

If you are looking for an experienced consultant to guide you through a swift vendor selection process, we will help you match a software’s capabilities to your requirements.

You can get help aligning your organization to

  • Come to common terminology (same terms often used for different things by various groups, or different terms used for the same things)
  • Develop a consistent representation of data
  • Define what is critical to quality
  • Success Criteria


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