Innovation and Experience

Automotive Manufacturing Excellence

From the Plant Floor to the Boardroom

We possess the technology and process depth of a world class integrator and the business acument of a world class consultant.  We use our unique combination of skills and expertise to help our customers reduce manufacturing waste in all its many forms.

> Assembly Plants
> Casting Plants
> Engine Plants
> Powertrain Plants
> Stamping Plants
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Manufacturing IT

Holistic Manufacturing

Align your manufacturing capabilities with your business goals. Accelerate your innovation with real hands on experience with both change management and continuous improvement.


    > Continuous Improvement Programs
    > Production Planning
    > Enterprise Software Deployments
    > Strategic Investing
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Control Systems

With the reduction in workforce and experience due to retirement, technological upgrades and increased demands outside support is unavoidable.  


    > SCADA/HMI Design & Development
    > PLC & HMI Retrofits & Upgrades
    > Machine Tool Integration
    > Startups & Commissioning
Big Data

Industrial IT/IS/IoT

Whether you are consolidating IT resources from any divisions or try to manage your needs with no help at all - there are challenges at every turn.  Plan, execute and support any IT project.


    > Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
    > Industrial Networking
    > System Virtualization
    > Plant Data Collection
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