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Scheduling Around Late Material

Your production plan has been optimized to maximize the use of your equipment, personnel and materials all while meeting your on time delivery dates.  Then, you get the call.  One of your suppliers will be late with a delivery.  You will be short materials. 

How will you react?

This is the type of scenario where production planning and scheduling software is far superior to whiteboards and Excel spreadsheets.  Watch this video to see how the schedule can be adjusted and republished in a matter of minutes.


How easy was that?  The schedule was modified in minutes, and easily optimized taking into account the material being unavailable.

If the supplier somehow is able to deliver the material earlier than expected, the schedule can be adjusted again, and republished again.

We have some other great how to videos showing how you can respond to late material shipments, personnel being unavailable, and requests to process rush orders.  Click here to see all the videos.

Written by Rod Kerchner

I spent 8 years scheduling production at a medium-sized, privately held plastic injection molding company, 4 years scheduling the material and logistics before that. I scheduled mostly using Excel, even after 12 years. It was brutal. That's why I love working at Toward Zero. I get to help our customers overcome some of the frustrations I had as master scheduler - using spreadsheets to keep track of ever-changing variables. I spent my days putting scheduling jigsaw puzzles together. Over and over and over again. Got that schedule done yet? The planning and scheduling software I now work with gives me a chance to help other scheduling and planning ninjas get a new weapon. These software tools allow schedulers to look closer at a wider set of variables, build a better plan and react quicker when the plan changes. Give me 30 minutes, and I will show you how to get half your day back - and have a greater impact on your business.