Toward Zero Catalyst

Accelerate initiatives for the greatest impact on your business.

Improvement initiatives don’t guarantee success.

Most companies have strategic goals, and many manufacturers today translate those objectives into programs like operational excellence, smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, or digital transformation.  Strategic initiatives like these do help your company focus on operational and financial improvements.  But they don’t automatically align all the people, operations and business processes, and technologies to make operations efficient and profitable.

When culture, processes, and technology are properly for your specific business and situation, results can be dramatic, including:

  • Clear, measurable ROI
  • Engaged, supportive shop floor employees and supervisors
  • Compelling software pilots that meet time and value targets
  • Predictable program and software adoption
  • Successful program or software implementations that meet stated goals
  • Business performance reflects shop floor metrics gains


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Bridge the gap between corporate strategy and execution at the operational level.

Daily operations keeps everyone busy, and it’s hard to juggle even one or just a few initiatives and programs.  Having a trusted partner on your side can make your burden easier — whether you need an objective advisor to brainstorm and refine ideas with, or a full team of coaches and engineers to support and advance the initiative, or somewhere in between, our manufacturing professionals have the experience and passion to support your program.

  • Experts in organizational design, change management, and operational excellence for manufacturing
  • Deep experience across >20 industrial sectors
  • Proven methodology to align culture, processes, and technology – throughout the plant, and across the enterprise
  • Start where you are today, and make the best program, infrastructure, software decisions for your unique situation

Quickly engage large groups of workers, supervisors, operations management, disciplinary specialists, and IT to achieve desired outcomes.

In the plant or across your entire production network, Toward Zero applies Catalyst to glean information about current culture and processes, and capture input on desired outcomes — without disrupting daily activities.

  • Document and validate enterprise business objectives
  • Survey and interview each department to identify waste, assess the value of reducing the waste, and if a change aligns with the business objectives
  • Provide a “safe” and receptive setting for brainstorming for those closest to processes
  • Involve workers and professionals throughout all levels of the organization for stronger, longer-lasting consensus building and fast, smooth implementation and adoption of solutions
  • Document and visually depict processes
  • Evaluate if and how well existing technology infrastructure, business processes, and resources align with business objectives

ROI analysis is just the beginning.  We help your team make recommendations a reality, and we stick around until you achieve results.

Maximum business results is your objective. Toward Zero examines every aspect of your organization to document workflows, processes, systems, infrastructure, and business goals. Then we create a plan to align culture, processes, and technology starting where you are right now. We don’t stop there — we work with your team to put the plan in place and get the results you expect.


When your company has recommendations in-hand, what’s the next step?

World Class Manufacturing: Align Culture, Process, Technology

More accurate  OEE

The right OEE solution helps your team find root causes and solve problems.


More ROI from your manufacturing execution system

MOM/MES makes it possible to measure performance, which is core to a CI program.


Eliminate worries about hard-to-get machine data

Capturing asset data isn’t always plug-and-play.