Looking for cost-saving opportunities at a large manufacturing plant, Del Monte partnered with Toward Zero to analyze process and technology efficiency and to identify plans for improvement.

Toward Zero services:

  • CatalystTM assessment and roadmap
  • Technology implementation

Projected results

  • $1,030,000 in cost savings
  • 15% EBITDA increase
  • 20% recovery capacity
  • 5% less scrap


"Toward Zero demonstrated industry expertise, experience and support throughout the project to create attainable solutions and execution of results. … We are very pleased with the value added services and partnership with our team. We now have a clear strategy to improve our results.

Mike Gatlin
Plant Manager at Del Monte Foods


"Your organization did a magnificent job during the entire process of the assessment, coming in and working with all of our team members. You made it feel like you where one of our own employees versus a consultant. This made the entire process a huge success, from the actual assessment, the assessment recommendations, your flexibility and understanding with schedules, and even today as you help us with the implementation of the recommendations.

Thank you and your team for partnering with us, to help us be better than we imagined we could, faster than we thought possible."

Tommy Dockery
Del Monte Foods