Organizational Design

For industrial organizations, by industrial and manufacturing experts.

A proven methodology for organizational design, consensus, and change management.

Global trends and shifting industry norms can cause constant disruption. No company has time for trial and error when it comes to realigning processes, culture, and technology. Your industrial organization needs results the first time around.

  • Many businesses are fragmented because they’re hierarchical
  • Operational excellence requires a cohesive, harmonious organization across functions
  • Alignment across culture, processes, and technology isn't an easy endeavor; usually requires objective help; someone with “no skin in the game”


Terumo Medical Corporation Toshiba Consumer Products Del Monte Rhodes Bake n Serv

Born and Refined from Hundreds of Industrial Projects

  • Deep experience across >20 industrial sectors
  • More than “just structure” — your strategy is unique to the organization
  • Develop structure around processes and across multi-functional teams
  • Establish purpose-driven vision and mission
  • All project, implementation, and consulting team members have manufacturing, engineering, production, and/or operations IT expertise
  • Global, large, and mid-size enterprise deployments
  • Contributed to industry standards

When big five consulting firms are saying “goodbye,” we’re just getting started.

Maximum business results is the reason you tackle organizational design. Toward Zero examines every aspect of your organization to document workflows, processes, systems, infrastructure, and business objectives. Then we an create a plan to meet your goals. We don’t stop there — we work with your team to put the plan in place and keep it going.


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