Evaluate your cybersecurity risk

What is a cyber threat assessment program?

A CTAP, or cyber threat assessment program, is the completely free way to test your network security architecture.  Our expert network engineers and cybersecurity equipment monitor your network and collect risk data for one week. We'll prepare an easy-to-read report so you can understand what's at risk and make a plan to secure your network.

  • Custom cyber threat assessment for your company's situation
  • Access to expert network engineers and cybersecurity specialists
  • Full week of cyber threat monitoring using state-of-the art cyber threat protection equipment
  • Detailed report with executive overview, threat categories and actual number of events, risk ranks and priorities, and specific recommendations to address threats (see a sample SD-WAN CTAP report)
  • 60-minute consultation with cybersecurity expert to discuss report findings, understand security recommendations, and answer your questions

Not sure which CTAP you need?

If you're not sure which cyber threat assessment your company needs, here are some details to help you decide.

Next Generation Firewall CTAP

  • Purpose → Identify security risks and understand general network usage
  • Outcome → Understand security threats, cloud/application/web usage, and impacts on network performance
  • Report Sections → Security | Productivity | Utilization


  • Purpose → Determine business application performance and WAN bandwidth utilization
  • Outcome → Evaluate business application behavior, WAN cost reduction, and security readiness for direct internet access
  • Report Sections → Applications | Security | Utilization

Email CTAP

  • Purpose → Determine whether in-built controls of Office 365 are sufficient
  • Outcome → Assess risk of ransomware, phishing, email fraud and other threats
  • Report Sections → Security | Productivity | Utilization