Life Sciences

21 CFR Part 11-compliant manufacturing strategy for medical device, pharmaceutical and other life sciences companies

The life sciences industry has unique operations management and record tracking requirements that make digital transformation more difficult than other manufacturing industries.  These requirements make the right technology selection and implementation partner even more important for your business success.

Toward Zero’s experience with life sciences manufacturing will help you:

> Reduce the time and cost of Device History Record (DHR) compliance
> Simplify audits, (FDA, GAMP5, customers, and other regulatory agencies)
> Improve your first time quality
> Increase your capacity and lower your cost per unit
> Reduce your inventory levels
> Improve your on time delivery

How Can We Meet Our Business Goals Faster?

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OEE for Medical Device 

OEE is a valuable continuous improvement tool for well automated production environments.  Does your OEE system require validation?  The experts at Toward Zero can help you answer this question and more.

How will OEE help us meet our goals?