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SaSo Pepper uses Toward Zero™ to meet demand

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Centennial, Colorado, June 2nd, 2016 – SaSo Pepper Co. is using Toward Zero to meet increasing demand for Pepper Sauce.

“Toward Zero has helped us identify gaps in our supply chain and improve our operations to meet growing demand”, said Justin Chentnik, Director of Operations at SaSo Pepper Co.

Toward Zero moves manufacturing companies towards zero waste by aligning manufacturing capabilities with business goals resulting in tangible profit growth.

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with innovative companies like SaSo.  We are excited about the impact Toward Zero has already had, and what else is possible in the future”, added Steve Smith, Toward Zero Vice President, North America.

About SaSo Pepper Co.

At SaSo there’s nothing so-so about what we do, because we take risks.

Only passionate pepper masters work at SaSo.  Pepper masters dedicated to creating uniquely flavorful combinations by blending the most rare and modern peppers.

Integral to our recipes are our relationships with pepper purveyors who source the finest peppers in the world. We only buy ingredients from them. Then, we hand roast our peppers and create our sauces in small batches. Why? Because we know you can taste the difference.

You will taste the difference. And once you do—you’ll want to tell the whole world about it.

Learn more about SaSo Pepper Co. at www.SaSoPepperCo.com

About Toward Zero Co.

Toward Zero is a collection of industry leading engineers, scientists, consultants, technicians and project managers in the fields of control engineering, manufacturing operations management, change management, continuous improvement and predictive analytics.

Learn more about Toward Zero Co. at www.archeands.com


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