Meet the challenges of uptime, quality, yields, throughput, energy management, and cost containment while you maximize profitability, quality, and compliance of manufacturing operations.

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AVEVA Registered System IntegratorAVEVA creates industrial software to help companies reach productivity goals and achieve operational resilience with solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing sectors.

AVEVA has manufacturing execution systems (MES) and other solutions for:

  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer packaged goods (CPG)
  • Batch and hybrid processes
  • Metals and fabricated metal products
  • Chemical
  • Life sciences
  • Many other industrial sectors

MES for CPG and Food and Beverage Manufacturers

The diverse segments across CPG and food and beverage have their own challenges and needs. These include maintaining consistency, operating efficiently, reducing waste, improving quality, and providing mobile applications. AVEVA helps manufacturers optimize operations and performance with industry-specific MES for food and beverage and CPG companies.

MES for Batch and Hybrid Processes

 If your focus is operational excellence in batch or hybrid manufacturing, then AVEVA has an MES solution to digitally maintain order, effectiveness, and quality in plant operations.

It helps companies streamline order flow and production execution, track the transformation of products from raw materials to finished goods, and evaluate and analyze yield, quality, and plant resource utilization. Hybrid and batch operations use AVEVA to improve operational efficiencies by reducing production costs and losses with visibility into manufacturing execution. A model-driven MES approach enables standardization of operational processes, equipment, and activities for faster gains in productivity, quality, and cost savings in multi-site operations.

Digital manufacturing execution reduces production costs by increasing throughput, reducing scrap and rework and providing higher quality products. Increased transparency in order fulfillment and reduced variance in product quality increases customer satisfaction while increased responsiveness to unforeseen events or product quarantine/recalls secures brand equity and consumer safety.

Model-Driven MES Means Fast Time-to-Value for Single Plant or Multi-Site MES Implementation

Model-driven MES content helps manufacturers get AVEVA MES solutions up and running fast. Pre-configured workflows and related web forms for standard MES activities makes it easy to dispatch a work order, execute a job, display the bill of material (BOM) information or report material consumption and production results.

The model-driven MES approach enables multisite manufacturers to capture best practices and create libraries of reusable, corporate standard processes and data collection procedures for roll-out across the entire business. 

AVEVA model-driven MES end-to-end framework

The MES workflow models and associated web forms are fully abstracted from the underlying application architecture so you can reuse, reconfigure, extend, or combine in another instance of the AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System.

AVEVA job execution with production results versus target, showing amount of scrap

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