Predictive analytics to transform maintenance and quality in manufacturing, for true digital transformation.

IoTco offers predictive analytics for manufacturing.  Industrial companies look to the IoTco platform to innovate, scale, and redefine their businesses.  Seamless connectivity, intelligent cognition of data streams, and cross-IT-system open collaboration enable results in digital transformation.

Predictive Maintenance

A fast, cost effective solution for predictive maintenance in manufacturing.  Flexible, configurable out-of-the-box templates follow a proven six-step process:

  1. Data collection:  Collect data from multiple sources, including third-party sources, for any given time period. The result is intentional and effective data acquisition for real-time, impactful analysis and results.
  2. Signal processing:  Remove outliers and “noise” to get clean data.
  3. Feature extraction: Convert the raw, clean data into meaningful features to “train” the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.
  4. Health assessment: Create a healthy and unhealthy fingerprint for each machine using an artificial intelligence learning model. Use AI/ML machine fingerprints to assess machine health over time.
  5. Trending/prediction: Compare machine health over time to identify trends and calculate remaining useful life. Determine when a machine will likely fail down to the day, number of cycles, and number of shifts.
  6. Fault diagnosis: Use AI to determine if a failure is likely to happen and what the root cause will likely be, so the maintenance team can respond without disrupting production and before a machine downtime occurs.

Predictive Quality

Use artificial intelligence to capture manufacturing machine health and process data so you can correlate finished part quality with over 95% accuracy.  Use insights to deliver better quality, faster, and to achieve near-zer0 defects.  Predictive quality process includes:

  • Multi-variant process monitoring and analysis
  • Automated quality data collection and fingerprinting
  • Predictive quality modeling

AI identifies the specific part number or SKU that will be defective with 95% accuracy before it leaves the plant.

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