Smart manufacturing software for CNC shops it's like a GPS for your CNC machine operator.

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JITbase builds on basic CNC machine monitoring by using advanced algorithms to show machinists on the shop floor where to go and when.

It's like an easy-to-use GPS for the CNC machine operator.

  • Advanced algorithms build on machine monitoring to show operators where to go and when
  • Allows each machine operator to manage more machines
  • Solves the CNC machine operator shortage by making your existing CNC machineists more effective
  • Less downtime means more uptime, which you can turn into better on-time delivery or more output

Solve the CNC machinist shortage while increasing your machine uptime.

JITbase pioneered the concept of combining OEE software with Optimal Path System (OPS) logic allowing operators to more effectively manage multiple machine tools on the shop floor. The system is web based and cloud hosted, allowing machine shops to quickly see value without a large investment.

JITbase OPS for CNC Machine Operators

OPS analyzes captured data and applies a few rules of logic to then show the status machines should have throughout the shift. OPS knows a machinist can only be one place at a time, so it suggests where to go and when, in order to keep machines running at maximum uptime.

If you're unsure if your company needs a machine monitoring, advanced analytics, or OEE system, we can help.