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Solutions for the next generation manufacturing enterprise to elevate manufacturing visibility and performance.

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  • ABLE™ IoT Gateway for Root Cause Analysis
  • The Factory Media Center
  • Sage Clarity OEE
  • Sage Clarity Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • One View for Supply Chain Metrics
  • Real-Time/Shallow-Dive™
  • Sage Clarity Next Generation Andon
  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)
  • Sage Clarity Closed-Loop ERP
  • Sage Clarity for Quality Management
  • Sage Clarity Partner

Sage Clarity offers Industry 4.0 solutions to enable the “next generation manufacturing enterprise.”  Manufacturing intelligence solutions for discrete and process manufacturers elevate visibility with valuable insights into manufacturing operations.

Supply Chain Metrics

Drive supply chain performance by providing reducing information overload and getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

  • Collaboration, purpose-built analytics, contextualization
  • Themes of metrics grouped into mini-apps
  • Connected apps and connected metrics – 1 metric leads into others for drill-down
  • Span the entire customer/operational/supplier value chain

Manufacturing Intelligence

Real and actionable insight into manufacturing improvement opportunities for your business – within the individual plant or across the entire enterprise.

  • OEE analytics, production and performance tracking, real-time scheduling
  • Aggregate and propagate to/from any system
  • Contextualize for ease-of-insight
  • Analyze and visualize performance with real-time information and intuitive dashboards

Quality Management

Actionable insight into quality control opportunities at all levels of the business – plant level and/or across the entire enterprise – from customer’s customer to supplier’s supplier.

  • Workflow management, increased visibility and traceability, multi-level data mining
  • Consolidate multiple environments and increase quality data accuracy
  • Centralize quality hub and dashboards
  • Track and trace quality throughout the entire supply chain

IIoT Gateway

Transform IoT data into business systems (MES, SCADA, ERP, many others). Simplify the control architecture with a lightweight, root-cause IoT solution that leverages OPC UA technology.

  • OPC UA middleware, IIoT solution, root cause analysis
  • Determine root case on complex production lines with modular modeling of machine centers with a powerful logic engine that combines state and line flow logic
  • Intelligent auto-tagging business logic engine
  • Configurable middleware service between automation systems and MES, SCADA and ERP software

Moving from Static to Real Time KPIs


What is ABLE™ by Sage Clarity?

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