Continuous Improvement

Make your CI program the foundation for world-class manufacturing.

An effective continuous improvement program drives overall corporate performance.

Some industrial companies make the mistake of thinking that technology will fix everything.  However, continuous improvement isn’t about just about upgrading your technology.  In fact, small changes can mean big returns.  If your organization is blinded by technology instead of focusing on improving business processes, it’s probably missing the mark on improving quality, cost, and delivery.

  • Many companies haven’t formalized their CI program or don’t consistently apply recognized continuous improvement best practices
  • Some continuous improvement programs have been put in place alongside current culture, rather than embedding CI into the corporate culture
  • Program scope or objectives are often too narrow or restrictive, like limiting focus to only quality instead of broad areas like operational results; customer, employee, and supplier relationships; environment, health, and safety performance; and other broad business objectives


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Supercharge Your Continuous Improvement Program

  • Experts in continuous improvement for >20 manufacturing industries
  • We believe a manufacturer can improve anything and everything
  • Objective assessments of current processes, technology, and culture to reveal benefits and establish priorities
  • Enable you to unlock the power and potential of those closest to the processes — your entire workforce

Expect more from your continuous improvement coach.

We use your organization’s strategic goals and objectives as a north star, then work with your team to create a program that makes the most sense for your company.  Accountability and ownership are just two important ingredients for program success.  Your CI expert will partner with you to:

  • Design a CI program that delivers expected results
  • Create sustainable routines and practices that fit your company’s unique production environment and culture
  • Identify metrics that drive desired behaviors and outcomes
  • Train production supervisors and managers to lead CI activities
  • Reveal how data, analytics, and technologies relate to and support your specific program

We help you keep your program going strong with scheduled check-ins and assessments, and providing recommendations for program enhancements as your team continues to make improvements.


What kinds of technology enhance your continuous improvement program?

Collaborative Problem Solving for Continuous Improvement

Manufacturing execution system

MOM/MES makes it possible to measure performance, which is core to a CI program.



The right OEE solution helps your team find root causes and solve problems.


Machine data

If your MES isn’t capturing all machine data, your team is operating with a blindfold on.