Contract Manufacturing OrganizationsContract Manufacturing organizations are a key strategic part of many organization’s supply chain. These relationships help companies quickly expand capacity, offer new products, and enter new markets.

Contract Manufacturing Selection

Toward Zero’s team has experience selecting Contract Manufacturing partners that not only have the capability to manufacture your product, but also align with your business goals.

Contract Manufacturing Assessment

Just as it is important to constantly measure your own operations, it is important to review and provide feedback to your contract manufacturing partners.  Toward Zero’s team spends time learning your unique business goals and applies these when assessing your manufacturing partners.  The result is detailed feedback you can use to help your partners improve.

Continuous Improvement

For contract manufacturing partners that you plan to do business with for a long time, Toward Zero recommends you be involved in their continuous improvement program.  By taking an active role in the efficiency of your contract manufacturing, you ensure your business goals are met, your costs are reduced, and your partner is profitable and will always be available to help you meet future challenges.