Production Planning and Scheduling

Respond and adapt to constantly changing conditions on the shop floor.

Your production schedule has a direct impact on on-time delivery, inventories, and profitability.

The master production schedule is a critical element to run a manufacturing business.  Supply planning, inventory forecasting, and resource planning all depend on the accuracy of the master plan.  However, the ERP system isn’t usually equipped to handle events that happen in real time on the shop floor.  Everyday problems can disrupt production, drive up costs, and cause supply chain challenges:

  • New rush orders
  • Raw material shortages
  • Unplanned machine downtime
  • Order cancellations
  • Shop floor workers unexpectedly out or reassigned to other areas

Manufacturers that use production planning and scheduling software to conduct effective scheduling planning, so they maximize throughput with real-time visibility and collaboration.  These efforts enable them to:

  • Achieve on-time delivery with correct quantities
  • Eliminate shipping rush charges
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Control operating costs
  • Optimize inventory of raw materials and finished goods
  • Make more product without adding equipment

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Turn Production Control into a Strategic Competency and Source of Competitive Advantage

  • Easily generate and optimize production schedules that are realistic and achievable
  • Automate production schedule templates to fit production constraints
  • Quickly respond to real-time production disruptions
  • Standardize and coordinate planning and scheduling globally
  • Improve demand planning with fast, easy-to-create make/buy plans
  • Enhance strategic plans with long-term advance planning
  • Address tactical planning and scheduling concerns within a several-week horizon
  • Apply advanced scheduling algorithms to balance demand and capacity
  • Standalone solutions that also integrate real-time plant scheduling with ERP, OEE/MES, data collection, and supply chain systems

Understanding the Value of Planning and Scheduling Throughout the Enterprise

Even within a single industry sector, all companies have vastly different customer requirements, strategic objectives, and operating environments.  The best approach for every company is to understand the processes already in place, the tools and systems supporting them, and the needs and concerns of the people involved.  That insight, along with consensus on the most immediate improvement priorities means your organization can take a pragmatic approach to build on existing planning and scheduling strengths.

Production Planning and Scheduling Optimization Diagram

Step 1:  Optimize Planning and Scheduling to Achieve Quick Wins

  • Hit on-time delivery and correct quantity targets
  • Improve customer service and retention
  • Eliminate shipping rush charges
  • Improve production capacity
  • Reduce overtime
  • Schedule longer runs and fewer changeovers
  • Create better maintenance schedules
  • Control operating costs
  • Make more product without adding equipment

Step 2:  Balance Raw Material Inventory and Production Capacity

  • Reduce stock-outs
  • Optimize safety stock
  • Optimize raw material inventory (and warehouse costs)

Step 3:  Balance Finished Goods Inventory and Customer Service

  • Reduce safety stock (reduce inventory of finished goods)
  • Reduce shrink (damage, obsolescence, theft)

Planning and Scheduling Experts Help You Tackle Your Most Difficult Problems

Production planning and shop floor scheduling are highly complex activities, and the impact of success or failure to optimal results are far-reaching throughout and beyond the manufacturing organization.  Toward Zero production planning and scheduling experts are first and foremost manufacturing enterprise performance professionals.  We apply a proven methodology to assess your specific organization’s strengths, obstacles, and opportunities, to formulate a plan to meet your tactical and long-term strategic objectives.

Most importantly, we help you build on and enhance your company’s existing processes, systems, and expertise.  No one knows the intricacies of the operation better than your production planner.  We work with them to develop the right strategy, put the best solution in place, and make sure it’s getting the results your company expects.


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OEE + Planning and Scheduling

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Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) data provides production planners and schedulers with cycle time information by product, as well as equipment downtime data.  This data combined with planning and scheduling software allows you to take your production efficiency to the next level.

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