Using the latest version?...

...and does it really matter?

Sometimes we ignore the SCADA system until it becomes difficult to support operating system updates, or until PLCs require modernization.  The latest GE HMI/SCADA updates offer opportunities to address security concerns, simplify the update process, consolidate applications, add energy management and reduce maintenance costs.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my SCADA secure?
  • Is my SCADA at risk of failure?
  • Am I paying too much to maintain my SCADA?
  • Could I eliminate other systems by taking advantage of new web and IIoT features in my SCADA?

Toward Zero experts will help you answer these questions, and create a plan

You will have options to review, and an outline of the costs and the savings available by:

  • Evaluating your existing architecture
  • Reviewing potential risks
  • Creating requirements to ensure your modernization plan meets your long term strategy
  • Simplify the system by taking advantage of the latest technology

Risks to consider when upgrading:

  • Not all legacy I/O servers are supported on the latest Operating Systems
  • FIX Desktop is no longer supported
  • Screen regions in the Viewport are now obsolete

There are others to consider.  Let us know what your goals are and we will help you create a plan specific to your system.