Control systems are vital to any manufacturing plant.  Machine control, material handling, batch automation, and visualization.  As the cost for automation and control continues to decrease and the functionality increases, having specialized resources to maintain and improve your systems is critical.

Toward Zero automation experts can help with:

  • PLC platforms from GE, Modicon, Mitsubishi, Omron, Rockwell and Siemens
  • Less common PLC platforms
  • Robotics integration, optimization and new robot cell fabrication
  • Motion control, motors and drives, and sensors
  • Bar code and RFID scanning technology
  • Machine HMI and SCADA modernization
  • IIoT and Data Analytics

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Industrial Networking

To get valuable data out of your automation systems requires a network.  To view and use the data with your supervisory system also requires a network.  Can the network be used for both and still perform?  How do you keep the network secure?

Toward Zero can help.

What network strategy is best for you?

SCADA Modernization

Your SCADA system has provided value to your organization for a long time.  But is it keeping up with the latest technology trends?  Modernizing your SCADA can save you money and help you get better performance.

How can you get more value out of your SCADA?

Machine Tools

Machine tool automation and controls work very differently than traditional PLCs used for assembly, batching, or packaging applications.  Both technologies have a wealth of information available for your supervisory systems, but how you connect, collect and use the data is very different.  Maintenance and upkeep also requires specialized skills.

Learn more about machine tool services