Machine Connectivity Experts

Enable your digitization initiative

There are more ways to use equipment data than ever before.  The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  The Internet of Things (IoT).  Planning and Scheduling.  PLM.  DNC.  MES.  OEE.  MOM.  QMS.  SPC.  SCADA.  Historians.  Analytics.  Even some ERP systems can use real time equipment data.

Making an investment in connecting your equipment enables initiatives across departments and across your enterprise.  Toward Zero will help you connect using the method that not only meets your immediate requirements, but also the data requirements you will discover for future initiatives.

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Machines are typically controlled by PLCs.  Toward Zero experts know the best physcial method to connect to each PLC, the best protocol to use, and how to look at the machine code to identify where your critical data is located so you can use it.

CNCs and Robotics

CNCs and Robotics sometimes have multiple sources of data, and have very different protocols depending on the controller and manufactuer.  Toward Zero experts help you connect inexpensively and have access to all your data.

Test Equipment

Test equipment sometimes have controllers, sometimes have software producing files, and sometimes have devices to connect to.  Toward Zero will connect you to your data quickly and using the most state of the art methods availabe in the industry.