In today’s world, more and more companies are not going with a single ERP and Enterprise solution, but they are integrating many different solutions together. These solutions might be something you consider to be “best of breed” for the individual functions you need, but integrating them together so that the many solutions act together can be challenging.


At Toward Zero, we can help you with:

  • Project Preparation and Setup
  • Program and Project Management and Governance
  • Functional Requirements analysis and Design
  • Business Process Design
  • Change Management and Training
  • Integration Management and Enterprise Architecture

Execution without strategy is reckless, but strategy without execution is just dreaming. Anyone who has been through an ERP implementation knows that there are sometimes thousands of moving parts. Situations change, problems arise, and new points of view are brought forward. At Toward Zero we believe that implementation needs to stay connected with your original strategy, even as that strategy is updated to reflect new realities.

How can I optimize my ERP?