At Toward Zero, we believe that the effort you put in up-front will be at least as important as how well you execute on the actual implementation.  Your ERP strategy should not just be checking some boxes on an RFP and listening to the arguments of the ERP and Systems Integration vendors. Our approach is centered around an approach of building a stronger point of view for what is most important for your enterprise, enabling you to evaluate the offerings of potential partners with a solid foundation of your organizations desired capabilities.


Toward Zero can help to establish this strategy with some or all of the following:

  • ERP Strategy & Alignment
  • KPI Strategy
  • Data Strategy
  • Business Process Strategy
  • ERP and Systems Integrator evaluation and Selection
  • Gap-Fit analysis
  • Team Building and Alignment
  • Implementation Strategy and Planning
  • Cloud versus On Premise Technology recommendations
  • Roadmaps

What can help my implementation?

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