Is your plant IIoT ready?

You need a rugged industrial network

Regardless of what your IIoT strategy is, an industrial network is the key to your success.  Some applications require high availability to avoid data loss.  Some applications require high bandwidth.  Some applications need to be able to withstand difficult environments with high EMF or high pressure wash down.  Is your network right for your requirements?

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Existing Networks

Toward Zero can analyze your existing network:

  • Where do bottlenecks exist?
  • What is causing errors?
  • Should the layout be modified?
  • Where are there security vulnerabilities?

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New Networks

Need to put in a new network and want it designed right the first time?

  • Industry standard design
  • Layout to minimize security risks
  • Deployment that matches your IIoT strategy

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Secure Networks

Worried your network could be compromised?  Toward Zero can help:

  • Network security audits
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technology choices to protect your systems from attack

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