Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Process Automation

Take the risk out of your manufacturing execution

Manufacturing today is tougher than it has ever been.  Product releases are more frequent and faster.  Experienced staff are retiring.  Order mix is higher and lead times are lower.

Not sure where to start?  Toward Zero will help you:

> Review your business goals and help you identify the highest areas of your production to start
> Calculate the return on investment you should expect based on results achieved at your manufacturing peers.
> Select the right technology to implement with


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OEE and Manufacturing Intelligence

Are you interested in how your equipment is performing?  OEE is the standard benchmark used across the industry to measure performance.  The experts at Toward Zero will help you:

> Select the best OEE system for your specific needs
> Optimize your OEE system to provide you the data you need to improve
> Train your staff on how to use the OEE data to improve your performance

How will OEE help us meet our goals?

Error Proofing

Making product the right way the first time can improve on time delivery, production efficiency, and increase profits.  With an aging work force, investing in the right technology to reduce manufacturing errors is critical.

> Automatically provide machines and/or staff with the critical information they need
> Design error proofing steps into the work instructions
> Make use of data analytics to identify potential problems earlier in the production value stream

Review your strategy with toward zero

Paperless Manufacturing

Not only does moving to paperless manufacturing reduce manufacturing costs and improve production efficiency, it has other benefits.

> Use electronic data as part of your Data Analytics strategy to reduce waste
> Electronic data reduces time spent on regulatory tracking and audits
> A paperless work environment helps recruit and retain top quality staff