Continuous Improvement Key Performance Indicator for manufacturing

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Use your OEE system to reduce waste

OEE is one of the most common and well used metrics in the manufacturing world.  It is used to:

> Benchmark existing performance
> Improve operations through continuous action based on the data
> Maintain the improvements through process and culture change
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New to OEE?

Select the system best for you

Selecting the right OEE system for your equipment, processes and culture is critical if you want to maximize your investment.  

With so many choices in the market, we've created a free OEE Software Selection Guide to help you narrow your search to the Top 5 vendors that fit your requirements.

Learn the 5 OEE Systems best for me!

Need Improved OEE?

Toward Zero can help

Your OEE system should be providing your team with the data they need to take action and improve your manufacturing operations.

> Is your equipment downtime still high?
> First time quality not improving?
> Is your team not using the data from your OEE system to improve? 

Review your strategy with toward zero

Older Equipment?

We'll help you connect

Even your oldest equipment has valuable data for your OEE system.

Typically there are three choices to connecting older equipment:

> Add a network card (if possible)
> Upgrade the controller
> Add a new controller

Which is best for you?  Tell us more about your equipment and we'll help you make the most economical choice.