You've made a considerable investment with SAP.  With changing business conditions and new technology available from SAP, what should your SAP strategy be?

Toward Zero will help you:

  • Maximize the value of your current investments
  • Understand what each SAP module is best used for, and the difference between them
  • Have a clear understanding of SAP's cloud strategy and how that impacts you
  • Decide when to use new SAP technology for greatest business impact

Where is SAP technology headed?


SAP Strategy

Effective investments

Spend your resources on a strategy that aligns with your business and has already been proven to work with your peers.

What SAP investments should we make?

SAP Analytics

The power of data

SAP has many data analytics tools available.  There are also many specialized 3rd party options available.

How can we use SAP for data analytics?

SAP Manufacturing

Plant connectivity

SAP ME.  SAP MII.  SAP PCo.  Toward Zero will show you how these tools be leveraged to benefit your manufacturing operations.

What manufacturing tools does SAP have?