Is your SCADA modern?

Are you taking advantage of the latest features?

SCADA systems have come a long way since the first days of replacing control panels with switches and lights.  Now systems can take advantage of virtualization, web interfaces, thin clients, cloud services, and the latest security technology.

If your SCADA is exsisting or new, Toward Zero can help you:

  • Simplify the architecture
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Secure the system from cyber attacks
  • Increase the functionality and value
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New to SCADA?

Toward Zero will guide you through the specification and buying process, ensuring you look at the right vendors for your requirements.  Our SCADA experts have experience with all of the leading platoforms, and many of the less adopted SCADA options as well.

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Ready to modernize?

Tell us more about your exsting system and we'll be happy to help.

We have specific modernization guides for:

Learn the advantages of madernizing your Proficy SCADA

Want to add OEE?

Selecting the right OEE system for your equipment, processes and culture is critical if you want to maximize your investement.  

With so many choices in the market, we've created a free OEE Software Selection Guide to help you narrow your search to the Top 5 vendors that fit your requirements.

Learn the 5 OEE Systems best for me!